This is RAJEESH KANNA ERRA from E2E EXCITE MARKETING AND TRAINING SERVICES INDIA PVT. LTD. I am a frequent traveler, since I carry a lot official documentation and personal documents in my laptop I always have 3 days password security in all my laptops.

One fine day I had a challenge entering my bios password; really it was a frustrated day in my life. I tried my level best I was not able to access my laptop… Almost from 6 months I was not able to use that laptop.

Reason 1 - I have a spare Sony laptop, since I am cautious about my backups and documents.
Reason 2 - I could really not find time to give my laptop for service After 6 months, a tough situation came that I had a need for an additional laptop.

I checked my database and found that my Samsung laptop was still in a warranty period, At the time of purchase I had paid 2 year extended warranty, with all my happiness I went to Samsung service center believe me or not they asked me to change the mother board after 10 days of research and that is the only solution they have given to me, I was not in the mood of creating chaos since they were requesting me up to the core to take back the laptop.

While speaking with Executive director Mr. SANTHOSH, he told me that we are having an interesting person in BNI who is a specialist in mother board related problem, after hearing from him my confidence got built up again that my laptop will get ready.

I spoke to Mr. Vimal Kannan of DELPHI TECHNOLOGIES through phone; he asked me the LAPTOP history and guided me to give the LAPTOP in his service centre. A week after he called me and told that your LAPTOP is ready, I was really surprised because the official so called SAMSUNG service center was not able to get my LAPTOP ready, but DELPHI SYSTEM made it happen.

The reason why I recommend Vimal Kannan of DELPHI TECHNOLOGIES for laptop service is: 1. Technically highly qualified engineers 2. Taking challenging jobs and giving solutions for that.

More than anything Mr. Vimal Kannan is a person who attends all our calls and messages which is a huge support for us and every single time he takes care that message is communicated perfectly.
E2E EXCITE Marketing & Training Services India Pvt. Ltd.

We have been into the painting industry for the past 15 years under the brand name Global Coatings.Our major service of electronic goods was with a Dealer in Avinashi Road since we are close by and long term friends.During a Training Program we found a Great Deal of price variation and the service setup you have.

We have given a laptop and a system which was not used at least for 2 years. The total cost spent on you was mere but the output is excellent.

Also we would like to mention and thank to your service team for regular monitoring of the system and attending promptly if called.We would like to recommend to our near and dear for all their System Service Requirements.

We have been into the education services past 7 years .We have totally 15 computer labs. Approximately 1000 systems are available.Our major services of computer are serviced your company.

Your services are best price and best and quality service of Motherboard, SMPS, and Monitors compared to others. Also we would like to mention thank to service team for regular monitoring of system and attending promptly if called.We would like recommend to our near and dear for all their system service requirements.

We have always received good service from your end.Timing and quality have always met our expectations and everything is communicated in a professional and timely manner.Excellent service all the way around from start to finish. Keep up the GREAT work.

Good service is hard to find. Your Motherboard Repair Engineers conducted board level repairs, and replacement of defective parts on my laptop. I wanted to express my appreciation for the way my Motherboard issues were handled.

I have received my LCD monitor few hours ago; I would like to compliment your knowledge and professionalism. The monitor is working well. Very pleased to find a reliable local computer repair person.

We were very impressed with the excellent Laptop service provided by Delphi Technologies. Engineers were knowledgeable, my problem was sorted out and my laptop was delivered back at my office on time. I highly recommend Delphi for their prompt Laptop Repair service.

Thank you for your on time service. Everything is right now. A great service provided in a professional manner.

This is the second time I've had to use your services. Both times, I was totally impressed with the knowledge level and skills of your employees. It was worth my money.

Reliable & Knowledgeable tech proving value for the money spent is what we searched for to work with. We are convinced looking at your excellent service with customer relations skills. We would recommend you to anyone who requires computer service.

Delphi provided the technical solutions we needed at the right time. This was a fruitful experience for us and we were fully satisfied. Your expert advice help seal the deal. Coming out to our facility and taking care of the problems was more than we expected, Delphi Technologies is really customer driven.

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